Why a tinted moisturizer?

Tinted Moisturizer

Why do we wear foundation? Well, most of us want beautiful and healthy skin. We use foundation to cover imperfections and even out skin tone, but why do we put foundation where it is not needed?  And more importantly why would we want to completely cover our skin, changing our natural skin color, continuously searching for a foundation that matches us perfectly? Now in some extreme cases such as birthmarks, severe discoloration or pigmentation a more full coverage foundation can be a life saver. But for the majority of women who simply want a natural, more even, glowing skin, a tinted moisturizer is the perfect prescription.

Tinted moisturizers not only give a natural feel, so you don’t feel like you have an excess of makeup on, but they give a more natural appearance as well. A tinted moisturizer allows you to lighten or hide some imperfections, even out skin tone, can soften redness around the nose and cheek area and leaves a soft looking glow to the skin. As children we have soft, glowing skin with color in our cheeks and slight skin variation and this is what we are trying to hold on to as we grow older, a more youthful look. Wearing a heavy foundation only ages the skin, it can settle in lines, usually takes away all color we have in our skin and can leave a very blank canvas.

If you are in front of a camera all day, of course this type of coverage is necessary. But for women who want to look naturally beautiful face to face, most makeup artist recommend a tinted moisturizer. Actually, being able to see the skin through your makeup is very important!  You can use a concealer under or even on top of your tinted moisturizer to hide more severe imperfections, gently blending out the edges so you don’t have one heavy concealer spot. But as for the  skin that is already beautiful let it show through!

Using a tinted moisturizer also demands a little bit more effort from you while finding the perfect shade, because you’re not covering your skin, you are simply enhancing it. There are far fewer shades to choose from because one shade can work for several different skin tones and not all, but most of them have SPF (Solar Protection Factor).

Tinted moisturizers are great for all ages and, as I mentioned earlier, the more mature your skin gets the harder it is to find a more full coverage foundation that gives a younger look. So, stop trying to cover and start trying to enhance and bring out the natural beauty of your skin. Racco has two of the most beautiful shades of tinted moisturizers, they not only look amazing but they are actually good for your skin. Click here to learn more about this product.

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