What are superfoods and how can they help us?

What are superfoods?“No trans fat”, “green food”, “100% natural”, among others. These are some claims that are usually seen in the supermarkets, but are we really choosing our food properly?

We know fruits and veggies contain tons of nutrients, but there are some foods which are so good for our health that they are called “superfoods”. Check how can they help us and see come examples.


What is a “superfood”?

A superfood contains large amounts and many different types of nutrients – such as protein, vitamins and fibers. All of them are known for being responsible for our body’s vital functions.

Most of those products are natural and are perfectly able to fight and prevent diseases, boost our energy and help with weight loss.


4 “superfoods” that will impact your health positively

1. Pumpkin seeds

Rich in protein and phytosterols – perfect combination to decrease LDL levels, the bad cholesterol.

2. Beets

They contain large amounts of folic acid that lower levels of  homocysteine – an amino acid that, in the blood, is directly related to heart diseases.

3. Olive oil

Good for your heart! Studies show that the monosaturated fat that is shown is this food lower bad and increases good cholesterol. Besides, olive oil has many antioxidants which help tissue regeneration.

But be careful with the calories and eat it with moderation – there’s 120 kcal in only one spoon.

4. Salmon

Fishes are a good source of protein, vitamin and minerals. However, oily fish like salmon also contains omega 3 fatty acids which reduce blood clotting and inflammation, lowering the risks of heart attacks.

Mental health is also supported – nutrients from salmon’s and other oily fish help fighting against depression and dementia.


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