What are split ends and how to prevent them

Split Ends

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If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, it is possible that you’ve already seen split ends and asked yourself ‘why does it always happens to my beautiful hair?’ Fact is split ends are most common on long hair and they occur when the protective cuticle is destroyed, splitting the hair fiber into two or three strands.

As your hair grows, it gets older. So imagine all that the very edge of your hair fiber has already been through: high heat hair dryers, hair straigtheners and even dye. At that point, the fiber’s end does not get much of the protective oils produced on your scalp, causing it to get brittle, vey dry and with split ends.

Other factors that can contribute to the split ends are exposure to the sun, washing your hair too much, using the wrong kind of comb, using chemical products such as hair spray and other styling products and even rubber bands.

Because it is considered dead hair, there’s not much to do to repair it – even though some professionals use special products to ‘glue’ the split fibers together. If you see a split end, the best you can do is grabbing a very sharp pair of scissors and get rid of it. Trimming your hair is the best way to keep split ends away. However, there are some haircare products that can help keeping the fibers healthy, despite the use of hair straightners and all of the split end causers we have already mentioned.

Racco’s Split Ends Repair Fluid protects your hair from environmental damages with a thin protective layer. It also detangles and smoothens hair enhancing shine and volume. Prevent the split ends and forget about the scissors – at least when not in your hairdresser’s chair.

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