Wearing red lipstick can make you look younger, studies say

red lipstick makes you look younger

The contrast between skin tone and facial features can make you look younger. Now you can both attract attention and feel more confortable with your age.

Recent studies show that red-toned lips contrast with natural skin tone and unconsciously, make women appear young looking. The results came through an analysis of women between the ages of 21 and 69 and by noticing how eyes, lips and eyebrows become paler as the skin becomes darker.

In order to highlight your lips and look younger and healthy, the best options are creamy, sun protective and full of ceramides products – such as Racco’s Camila lipsticks.

According to the researchers, the redness of the lips decreases with ageing and the skin around them becomes redder. Because of this, the contrast between the lips and the rest of the face decreases with age and makeup tricks can help with that.

Besides evident rejuvenation, red lipstick can also be used to display teeth. To make an even better use of red shades, try our Pop line, specially Andressa and  Stephanie Aventure, which blend live red shades and hydrate your lips – making the lipstick last longer.

Now, if you prefer darker reds than the bright ones, get to know Racco’s Erica shades.


Source: Medical Daily

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