How to Have Tan Skin During Winter

tan winter

During winter light skin tends to be more sensitive and less healthy. To improve its appearance and get a tan and healthy look during winter, makeup and other beauty products can become great allies. Learn how to get tan and beautiful even during the coldest season.


- Racco Luzes Bronzer or Luzes Coral Rose Blush;

- Blush brush, preferably large size;

- Racco Eye Shadows Pencil in golden hues;

- Luzes Mascara, Luzes Brown Eyeliner and Racco Lux Lipstick;

- Luzes Absolut Lifting Foundation and Luzes Concealer to prepare the skin.


How to  get the tan look:

First, prepare your skin as usual washing your face and applying foundation and concealer after moisturizer. Apply on the neck too to maintain uniformity with the face.

Then apply bronzer.  to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, to get a more natural look . Apply the golden shadow to  to eye lids. Finally, finish with eye liner to outline the eyes, mascara and lipstick.

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