Taking care of your foot

foot care

When winter comes most women end up doing the same thing: letting go off foot care – mostly hidden this time of year –  and do not treat them as they should. The result? Thick skin, dryness, flaking, and odor , and in more severe cases cracks and even bleeding.

To catch up with your feet and get them clinking for spring and summer we’ve prepared a short list of simple precautions that you can – and should – have not only during winter but throughout the whole year to make the foot skin soft and healthy.

-       If you need to wear shoes, give preference to good quality cotton socks. They absorb perspiration better and protect feet from bacteria and fungus that cause odor and fungal infections;

-       Ventilate and dry your shoes after wearing them, leaving them for at least two hours in an open, ventilated area;

-       Opt for comfortable shoes, made ​​of leather and lined;

-       Prevent! If you sweat a lot, use products like medicated foot powder, antiseptic and deodorant.

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