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skin myths


There is so much information about skin health nowadays that is difficult to know what to believe or not. The confusion is so great that we decided to debunk some myths that have been around.   Myth 1: Use different creams for day and night Despite the night being the period in which the entire [...]

Tips for sleeping well

3 simple steps towards a good night’s sleep

Sleeping well is a sign of well being and a healthy lifestyle. Besides energy recovery, a good night of sleep can influence many other aspects of our lives, mostly related to our organism’s basic functions. Nowadays our routines are full of stressful and exhausting activities and having enough sleep might seem impossible, but it is [...]

healthy lifestyle

3 simple tips for a healthy lifestyle

Making some lifestyle changes is much more effective than jumping from diet to diet looking for the perfect body. Even more important than losing weight is doing it through the healthier and permanent way. With this in mind we have selected 3 simple tips that will help you change your eating habits for better.   [...]


Shaping your brows

  If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your Brows are the frame of it. Before building your look, remember: the frame is what holds the window together! It is always best to have a professional shape your brows, and you can do the maintenance and fill in to create a more [...]