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tan winter

How to Have Tan Skin During Winter

During winter light skin tends to be more sensitive and less healthy. To improve its appearance and get a tan and healthy look during winter, makeup and other beauty products can become great allies. Learn how to get tan and beautiful even during the coldest season. Makeup: – Racco Luzes Bronzer or Luzes Coral Rose Blush; [...]

skin myths


There is so much information about skin health nowadays that is difficult to know what to believe or not. The confusion is so great that we decided to debunk some myths that have been around.   Myth 1: Use different creams for day and night Despite the night being the period in which the entire [...]

linha regulateur

Do you know Racco’s Regulateur line?

  Highly indicated for both men and women of all ages, Racco’s Regulateur line offers products which are compatible with all types of skin and is essential for those who intend to take a real good care of the skin underarms. The creams and deodorants from this specific line have an amazing anti-perspirantaction that reduces [...]

Tinted Moisturizer

Why a tinted moisturizer?

Why do we wear foundation? Well, most of us want beautiful and healthy skin. We use foundation to cover imperfections and even out skin tone, but why do we put foundation where it is not needed?  And more importantly why would we want to completely cover our skin, changing our natural skin color, continuously searching [...]


How often should we exfoliate our faces?

Face cells have a 28 day cycle life, in which they are born, protect us from the sun and from pollution and die. When dead cells pile up on our skin, pores get clogged, making your face look harsh and opaque. Well, it’s time to get rid of this dead layer of epidermis, rubbing it [...]


Men: 4 reasons why you should use an aftershave

Shaving can be a harsh on your skin. It doesn’t matter if you go razorblade or electric razor: the blade running through your epidermis may cause irritation and some bad cutting. But still you want to get some nice and smooth skin, don’t you? Racco gives you 4 reasons to use an aftershave and take [...]