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Lipstick or gloss, which one is the best for you?

After choosing the best product for your skin type, you should also choose what is best for your lips. Here is where most doubts come to our minds: lipstick or gloss? Despite their similarities, these products have different looks and characteristics. Check a few tips about how and when you should wear them:   Lipstick [...]

Beautiful lips

How to create and keep beautiful lips

Every woman wants beautiful and kissable soft lips and we can all have them by just adding a few extra steps to our beauty routine. First, let’s list some of the issues that you might have with your lips: 1. Your lips are dry and cracked; 2. You want fuller lips; 3. You have lines [...]


Sun protection lipstick: stay away from skin cancer, stay beautiful

You protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen all over your face, arms and shoulder. But what about your lips? Often forgotten, lips are the most vulnerable skin on your face. Because it contains almost no melanin, responsible not only for the skin color, but also for sun protection, lips can suffer a lot [...]