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detox juice


Are you feeling sluggish or out of sync? Struggling with skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems? Can’t seem to lose weight? It might be time for a body detox. Practiced for centuries by cultures around the world – including ayurvedic and Chinese medicine – detoxify means eliminate  the toxins of the body. Our health is highly determined [...]

healthy lifestyle

3 simple tips for a healthy lifestyle

Making some lifestyle changes is much more effective than jumping from diet to diet looking for the perfect body. Even more important than losing weight is doing it through the healthier and permanent way. With this in mind we have selected 3 simple tips that will help you change your eating habits for better.   [...]

What are superfoods?

What are superfoods and how can they help us?

“No trans fat”, “green food”, “100% natural”, among others. These are some claims that are usually seen in the supermarkets, but are we really choosing our food properly? We know fruits and veggies contain tons of nutrients, but there are some foods which are so good for our health that they are called “superfoods”. Check [...]

Fatty acids

Don’t be afraid of Essential Fatty-Acids!

You might have read and seen advertisements about them, but be honest to yourself, what do you really know about essential fatty acids?  Do the words “Omega-3″ and “Omega-6″ sound Greek to you? Many people are misinformed when it comes to fats and their attempt to avoid fat all together, believing that fat causes them [...]


What is fiber and why should I eat it?

Everybody tells you that fiber is good and can help you lose weight. But what is fiber anyway? And how can it improve our bodies? Well, you definitely don’t need to go back to your biology class to remember that. Racco will give you a hand and will convince you that you can change your [...]


5 foods for a healthier and softer skin

Food. Do we eat because we’re hungry and it tastes good or because some kinds of food can help our body on looking good and staying healthy? Well, it’s time to pick up a mirror, look at your skin and see what age, sun, stress and bad habits have done to it. Good news there’s [...]