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Salad might ruin your diet

Don’t let your salad sabotage your diet!

Can you tell how many times you’ve heard people saying, “I’m trying to lose weight, I’m going to have only a salad”? Now don’t get it wrong, salads are extremely healthful and they can be a great option for people that are trying to lose weight. A salad with vegetables, legumes, fruits and lean meats [...]

Diets start in the supermarkets

Your weight loss program begins at the supermarket!

I usually say that a journey to a successful weight loss program begins at the grocery store. Yes, you’ve read it right, at the grocery store! The way you grocery shop and the foods you buy directly influence your dietary habits. My experience as a nutritionist says that grocery stores can be a very scary [...]


5 foods for a healthier and softer skin

Food. Do we eat because we’re hungry and it tastes good or because some kinds of food can help our body on looking good and staying healthy? Well, it’s time to pick up a mirror, look at your skin and see what age, sun, stress and bad habits have done to it. Good news there’s [...]


What is Aloe Vera and how it can boost your health?

Do you believe that a natural plant can disintoxicate the body, stabilize blood pressure, help on curing skin diseases, reduce inflammation and boost both immunity and cardiovascular performance? We do. Aloe Vera is, according to the National Toxicology Program, affiliated to the FDA, is the most popular herbal remedy today and scientific studies already show [...]