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What are superfoods?

What are superfoods and how can they help us?

“No trans fat”, “green food”, “100% natural”, among others. These are some claims that are usually seen in the supermarkets, but are we really choosing our food properly? We know fruits and veggies contain tons of nutrients, but there are some foods which are so good for our health that they are called “superfoods”. Check [...]

Vitamin C is beauty essential

Vitamin C: A Beauty Essential

Before starting a discussion about the importance, benefits and sources of Vitamin C let us explain some relevant facts that you should know about Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). There are two main obstacles for humans to obtain the ideal amount of vitamin C. First, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and our body doesn’t [...]

Salad might ruin your diet

Don’t let your salad sabotage your diet!

Can you tell how many times you’ve heard people saying, “I’m trying to lose weight, I’m going to have only a salad”? Now don’t get it wrong, salads are extremely healthful and they can be a great option for people that are trying to lose weight. A salad with vegetables, legumes, fruits and lean meats [...]

Diets start in the supermarkets

Your weight loss program begins at the supermarket!

I usually say that a journey to a successful weight loss program begins at the grocery store. Yes, you’ve read it right, at the grocery store! The way you grocery shop and the foods you buy directly influence your dietary habits. My experience as a nutritionist says that grocery stores can be a very scary [...]