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Taking care of your foot

When winter comes most women end up doing the same thing: letting go off foot care – mostly hidden this time of year –  and do not treat them as they should. The result? Thick skin, dryness, flaking, and odor , and in more severe cases cracks and even bleeding. To catch up with your [...]

Salad might ruin your diet

Don’t let your salad sabotage your diet!

Can you tell how many times you’ve heard people saying, “I’m trying to lose weight, I’m going to have only a salad”? Now don’t get it wrong, salads are extremely healthful and they can be a great option for people that are trying to lose weight. A salad with vegetables, legumes, fruits and lean meats [...]



Hello bloggers and visitors, On this topic I would like to talk about a sensitive subject for all women that struggle with Cellulite. First of all I would like you to know what Cellulite is, so I went to Wikipedia and got a definition for you. “Cellulite is a topographic skin change that is claimed to occur [...]