Sun protection lipstick: stay away from skin cancer, stay beautiful

Protect your lips from the sun

Image: PhotoXpress

You protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen all over your face, arms and shoulder. But what about your lips? Often forgotten, lips are the most vulnerable skin on your face. Because it contains almost no melanin, responsible not only for the skin color, but also for sun protection, lips can suffer a lot from the sun’s rays.

To get secured from this harm, doctors recommend the use of lipstick – especially the ones that offer extra sun protection factor (SPF). To shine and stay beautiful and safe under the sun, the best you can get is a SPF of 15 or higher lipstick. However, experts say that matte or opaque ones will also help defending your lips from UV rays.

If you are a fan of glossy lipstick, try to stay away from the sun. Just like baby oil, gloss will attract the rays, causing harm to your lips. Beware that the unsafe exposure do sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer, already one of the most common forms of cancer.

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