Starting an exercise program

Exercise program

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On this post I would like to give you some tips for you to start an exercise program. So you made the decision of taking charge of your health and you ask yourself what should I do?

First of all I recommend that you make sure you have no health issues that could prevent you from exercising so it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor first and get a physical exam to make sure you can start your exercise program.

Most people decide they want to start to exercise and they join the neighborhood gym and they usually offer introductory personal training classes where they will show you a couple of exercises on the machines and then you are on your own. I’ll give you some pointers here you might want to print and take with you to the gym.

I usually start my clients on a circuit training program that consists of a full body workout moving from one exercise to another with low to no rest period. That kind of training helps to burn fat and gain strength combining aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. If you are a beginner you want to start with low weight and high repetitions, on the example I’ll be posting here, we are looking to do every exercise using 15 repetitions and 2 complete rounds.


The Program:

First you should warm with an exercise of your choice, treadmill, bike, step master, rowing machine and etc. It is very important that you warm up your body and let the blood flow so it gets ready to the exercises (10 to 15 minutes).

Do these exercises as it follows.

Machine Seated Chest Press:

Position yourself on the machine’s seat and adjust the position to meet your specific body part needs. Grasp the handles with your hands, elbows are bent. Keeping your back firmly pressed against the pad; press your hands forward straightening elbows. Return to start position and repeat.

Lat Pull Down Wide Grip:

Sit down on the lat pull down machine and adjust the knee pad as to make your legs snug. Grab onto the neutral bar and lean back arching your back as you do so. Drop your shoulders and bring your elbows forward right under your shoulders. Pull the bar to your upper chest as to touch your collar bone.

Chest Fly Machine:

Adjust seat and grips appropriately for your size and sit down. With arms back, grasp handles in each hand. Using your chest muscles, push the handles together in front of your chest. Return to start position and repeat.

Seated Cable Row:

Position your feet up on the foot platform. Semi-extend your legs such as your knees are out of the way. Sit up straight and slowly pull the handle right into your mid-section, EXHALING as you do so. As you pull on the handle you should squeeze your shoulder blades together. As you extend your arms back to the starting position let your blades roll back outwards. 

Machine Seated Shoulder Press Up:

Start by sitting with feet on the floor and hands grasping machine handles. Extend your arms to straight above your head. Keep back pressed against seat and feet firmly on the floor. Return to start position and repeat. 

Lateral Arm Raise:

Begin standing with arms at sides and a weight in each hand. Lift the arms outward from the sides. Lower and repeat.


Start standing tall with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward. Bend knees into a squat position attempting to get upper thighs parallel to the floor. Emphasize pushing hips back as if you are sitting in a chair this will help you keep your knees above your ankles. Make sure your knees do NOT extend forward past your toes. If using weights, rest them on your shoulders. Return to starting position.


Stand with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Lean forward to either a 45 or 90 degree angle while keeping your back flat (don’t arch your back). Arms should be hanging straight down in front of your legs. While squeezing your glutes (lower butt area), slowly straighten to standing position. Return to starting position and repeat. 

Backward Lunge:

Begin standing tall with feet close together. Arms are hanging to sides with palms facing each other. Extend your right foot backward about 2-3 feet bending both right and left knees. Right foot’s heel raises off the ground. Keep your left knee above the ankle (don’t extend past toes). Return to start position, repeat and switch sides.

 Bicep Curl:

Stand tall with arms hanging down and palms facing each other. Bend your elbows to bring your hands to shoulders. Palms should end facing your shoulders. Return to start position and repeat. 

Triceps Press Down:

Start by standing tall about a foot away from the cable. Grasp rope in both hands with arms extended straight just above waist level. Keeping upper arms in place, press lower arms down until arm is extended straight. Palms are facing down. Return to start position and repeat. 

Abdominal Crunch With Ball:

Begin by sitting on the ball. Walk feet forward until ball is resting under your back – body is now parallel to the floor. Place hands behind head for support. Using your abdominal muscles slowly crunch up lifting your shoulder blades off of the ball. Do not strain neck by pulling on it with hands. Keep elbows out to your side. Return to starting parallel position (to make the move more difficult, place the ball closer to your knees – the less of your upper body that is resting on the ball the more difficult the move. To make it easier do the opposite – the more of your upper body and head that are resting on the ball the easier the move).  Please do 25 to 30 reps on this one.


Please follow the exercises on that order and move from one exercise to the other until you finish the circuit. Your goal on each exercise is to find a weight that is going to be hard on the last two repetitions if is easy for you to finish all 15 reps. Add a little more weight usually increase 2.5 lbs to 5 lbs at a time but remember that on this program you should not use to much weight because is a high repetition low weight to tone your muscles, also if you need to rest between exercises do, so, remember if you are a beginner you have to start slow and then increase gradually.

This program saves you time and is very effective, you might want to add an extra round if you think it is getting too easy, I hope you have fun with this program.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or comments, it will be gladly appreciated.


Marcos De Marco

Fitness Specialist

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