Speaking the truth

Speaking the truth

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This post is going to discuss a little bit more about yoga and wellness, specially about the eight limbs (paths) of yoga. These eight steps basically act as guidelines on how to live an purposeful and extraordinary life.

The art of living and the foundations of yoga philosophy were described in the Yoga Sutra, compiled and systematized by Patanjali. He claimed that “in order to still and observe the mind, there are 195 sutras (sutra means thread) which are essentially an ethical blueprint of living a moral life and incorporating the science of yoga into your life.” The Yoga Sutra is considered the fundamental text on the system of yoga. The limbs of yoga make you aware of where you are, where you stand, and how you look at things.

One of the limbs I am focusing on this week is SATYA, which means “to speak the truth, in thought, word, and actions, telling no lies.” The fundamental law of truth is that when you live your truth, you are in basic harmony with the universe and the divine, therefore the universe supports and creates everything you need.

Símbolo de yoga

Honesty and Integrity

Speaking the truth is not just acting with honesty, but also with integrity. There is a great example that really describes the difference about being honest and having integrity:

You are walking with a group of people and the person right in front of you drops money on the ground and does not notice it. However, everybody else does. You collect the money from the ground and give back to the person and they all see your action – this is honesty. Now, you are in the same scenario but nobody sees the money coming out of the person’s pocket. You collect the money anyway and give back to the owner without nobody seeing or knowing -this is integrity.

Having integrity is honoring your words and been 100% responsible for your words and actions. It is doing things anyway, without other people knowing or having to approve it. YOU knowing is all that matters.



This principle Satya of truthfulness can be applied in each and every area of your life.  It may be easy for a person to believe or justify that they are living with integrity by coming to yoga classes but it goes much further than the physical practice. A life lived with truth, when no one is watching, creates positive actions, which in return leads to positive karma, reducing mental and emotional stress.

Many times a lie – even one not meant with malice – causes anxiety. Maybe we have exaggerated a skill on a resume and then fear that the interviewer will check on this fact by asking us, causing us to extend the truth or the lie, or that a reference will be called and we worry about what that person will say about the emphasis on the resume.



Withholding can also be considered an untruth. Someone may withhold information or feelings on what they really want from their partner for fear of rejection, ridicule, or guilt. Once the body has become so open through yoga practice, the chakras in the body also open wider, allowing us to speak with more confidence, clarity and our true intentions. Speaking and acting with Satya can then open a couple to true intimacy through communication, and we all know that communication is the key for success for both personal and professional relationships


A test

Try a day of saying exactly what you mean, and asking also exactly for what you want. Also practice the art of being who you really are, and doing things you like to do and also the ones you don’t – but with full commitment and integrity. Observe the results and then repeat. That is how we master ourselves for a extraordinary life, living the truth in each and every moment.


Yet, it is not always desirable to speak the truth on all occasions, for it could harm someone unnecessarily. You have to consider what you say, how you say it, and in what way it could affect others.

With practice, you will gradually begin to transform and shape your life in the way you show your truly respect to nature and to others. No one can change in a day, but yoga practices on and off the mat help change attitudes over a lifetime.


For more information about yoga practice, visit this website.


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