best time take vitamins


Many people take vitamins and nutraceuticals today and this number is increasing and the main reason is t o fill gaps in their diets. With tight schedules and  busy lives it is almost impossible to have a perfect diet and get all the nutrients the body needs to function well. What most people do not [...]

nail care

Basic nail care at home

  Having a day of the week to go to the salon getting a manicure  is the dream of many women. However, finding a break in the weekly schedule, amid the rush of everyday life often becomes an impossible task. Is thisyour reality? Do not despair. We’ve selected valuable tips on how to take care [...]

facts sunscreen

Facts about sunscreen

SPF X PPD The effectiveness of a sunscreen is measured by its ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays: A (PPD) and B (SPF). The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) purpose is to filter UVB rays, which penetrate the top layer of skin causing redness and burning and may be responsible for skin cancer. The [...]

skin care for autumn

Taking care of your skin during autumn

Autumn is almost back again and the change in temperature and humidity can affect the human skin more than anything else. Constantly switching between indoor warm air and the harsh and cold winds of outdoor air removes moisture from the skin. Dermatologists say it’s important to change your skin care regimen in between the seasons [...]

linha regulateur

Do you know Racco’s Regulateur line?

  Highly indicated for both men and women of all ages, Racco’s Regulateur line offers products which are compatible with all types of skin and is essential for those who intend to take a real good care of the skin underarms. The creams and deodorants from this specific line have an amazing anti-perspirantaction that reduces [...]


Lipstick or gloss, which one is the best for you?

After choosing the best product for your skin type, you should also choose what is best for your lips. Here is where most doubts come to our minds: lipstick or gloss? Despite their similarities, these products have different looks and characteristics. Check a few tips about how and when you should wear them:   Lipstick [...]