right fragrance

how to choose the right fragrance for you

Fragrance is one of the most important beauty items for any woman. But if you’ve never used a fragrance before or if you’re looking for a new perfume on the market, finding the right product can be difficult since there are have so many options out there. Do you prefer floral, fruity or woody scents? [...]

look young


Surgical intervention is not aways the best option to look younger. We also know that not every day we’re willing to wear makeup to hide the signs of aging and fatigue. But to get a more youthful appearance does not require a lot of efforts and can be achieved with the help of some simple [...]

remove makeup

Learn how to correctly remove makeup

The habit of coming home tired and crashing without removing makeup is really bad for your skin.  Removing all makeup is a necessary care to keep your skin youthful. Check out a list we’ve created of the five biggest mistakes women who wear makeup make that can be harmful to the skin’s health. sleeping with [...]

addiction sweets

Fight against your addiction to sweets

Did you know that women  who live stressfull lives are seven times more likely to have addiction to sweets? But you can find balance in life and at the table: Ever heard of sugar addiction? Research shows that seven out of ten women who are stressed will develop an addiction to sweets. In addition to eating [...]

hydrating healthy fruits

Hydrate yourself with a healthy and light alternative

Hydration is essential for keeping a healthy life, but have you noticed that the more juices and soft drinks we drink the thirstier we get? Besides not hydrating these drinks add many calories to your diet.  One thing you can do to change that is to try new recipes that can replace processed and sugar [...]

foot care

Taking care of your foot

When winter comes most women end up doing the same thing: letting go off foot care – mostly hidden this time of year –  and do not treat them as they should. The result? Thick skin, dryness, flaking, and odor , and in more severe cases cracks and even bleeding. To catch up with your [...]