Oily skin demands special sun protection

oily skin demands special treatment

There are no doubts that sunscreen is indispensable for maintaining a beautiful skin. But you must remember that besides leaving your skin even more gorgeous, applying sunscreen on a daily basis is essential for preventing premature aging and skin cancer.

According to a research carried out by Johnson & Johnson with 1500 Brazilian women, 56% of them with combinationto oily skin – with shiny aspect and wide dilated pores. The consequences of unprotected overexposure to the sun are terrible and, with this in mind, those people with oily skin must be extra careful when it comes to protecting themselves from sun damage.

The biggest doubt takes place while buying the best sunscreen for your type of skin. If you intend to both protect and improve your skin aspect, you must look for a product with specific characteristics that can keep the physiological balance of your skin, such as Racco’s Oil Free Facial Sunscreen from Soleil line. Another important characteristic of this product is its neutralizing photo-aging property since it protects your skin from free radicals caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Besides the fact that the facial products from Soleil line are oil-free, avoiding acne and the pores from clogging, they are perfectly capable of creating an extra barrier that reflects and absorbs solar rays in order to protect the cells from exposure damages.

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