must haves for a basic makeup kit


From those just entering the world of professional makeup to the more experienced,  we all know the importance of a basic makeup kit. Before thinking about what to add to your kit, it is essential that you look for products that meet your needs.

To help you in this task, we’ve selected a few tips and essencial products.



According to experts , every woman should have and know how to use sunscreen, foundation, concealer, face powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick (or lipgloss).



Without a solid foundation, no makeup will have the desired effect. Therefore, invest in products for the skin:

  • Liquid foundation: preferably one that works both during the day and at night and soak up the oil. A good option is Racco’s Absolute Lifting Nude Foundation;
  • Concealer: with the exact tone of the skin, the concealer should work to correct dark circles and blemishes. Try our Luzes Concealer for instant results and long lasting coverage;
  • Powder finisher: great for finishing and removing excess brightness. Try Racco’s Luzes Pressed Powder;
  • Racco’s Luzes Coral Rose Blush is essential for a healthy look.



  • Eyeliner is one of the most important products. It can give you a dramatic look without much time or effort. Try Racco’s Luzes Eyeliners in black or brown.
  • Eye shadow: look for options that bring more possibilities of use and are more practical like Racco’s Foam Eye Shadow Pencils. They are easy to use and have perfect super long-lasting wear.
  • Mascara is one of the makeup products that most women can’t live without. It can be the one product that we refuse to leave the house without. Try Racco’s Luzes Extra-Volume Mascara which can be layered for more or less dramatic looks.



  • Remember that the color you put on your lips can complement the makeup and completely change its style. Pick your favorite all time color. Try one of Racco’s red shades. Here’s an article on how red lipstick can make you look younger.
  • If your preference is for more neutral colors, try Racco’s Carla. If you like burgundy shades try Lux Lipstick Tathya.


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