Men: 4 reasons why you should use an aftershave


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Shaving can be a harsh on your skin. It doesn’t matter if you go razorblade or electric razor: the blade running through your epidermis may cause irritation and some bad cutting. But still you want to get some nice and smooth skin, don’t you? Racco gives you 4 reasons to use an aftershave and take care of your face.

1. Antiseptic

OK, you got a cut or maybe two. To prevent them to get infected you’d better put some antiseptic on it. But there’s no need for an alcohol bottle: an aftershave will do. It will probably sting a little bit but we promise it won’t truly hurt you.

Most of aftershaves contain some alcohol in it. The idea is not to punish you for that razor cut you got, but to avoid any possible bacterial risk that can make it worse. For sensitive skins or for those who really can’t stand the sting, there are some alcohol free aftershaves – but then, again, you won’t be fully covered if you get cut

2. Perfume

Balm for men

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That’s probably the main reason why men use aftershave: it smells nice. Depending on how much you want to spend on it, different scents and kinds of perfumes can be added to the aftershave. But choosing an aftershave just because of its smell isn’t a very smart thing to do. It’s important to check the other features aswell.

3. Moisturizer

You shaved and your skin is harsh now. That’s right: you need some moisturizer to get it smooth. Most aftershaves come with moisturizers actives which helps softening the skin. The one who kisses you will love it!

4. Stops irritation

Razor burn, it sure bothers. To avoid the entire rash on your face, actives such as menthol can help decongest and relax your epidermis.

Ready to aftershave? Racco’s Leandro Aftershave Balm is refreshing and prevents all the inflammations and ingrown hair caused by shaving. Menthol active relieves the rash and its antiseptic formula reduces the appearance of razor bumps or spots, keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.

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