Long hair demands special treatment

Beautiful long hair

Taking care of the hair is an essential part of women’s lives. However, keeping long, beautiful and healthy strands is definitely not easy and demands special care to avoid hair damaging.

For those who intend to have long hair, you must remember that nourishment and hydration are indispensable. Check these 4 tips and learn how to maintain gorgeous hair.

1. Get a hair trim

Avoiding split ends has never been so easy: all you need to do is get a hair trim every 6 to 8 weeks. This routine will guarantee more beautiful and healthier hair ends.


2. Let your hair dry naturally

Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally. Instead of fiercely rubing your hair, softly press a towel and squeeze the moisture out.

If blow drying your hair is inevitable, do it the right way:  but before using it, apply a thermo active spray like Racco’s Heat Straightening Fluid, that contains high performance anti-frizz polymers that result in a smoother and softer hair besides protecting it from high temperatures.


3. Use the right conditioner

Besides regularly moisturizing you hair, you must keep it silky by applying the right conditioner. If your strands are easily damaged, dry  or dehydrated, go after a product that nourishes deeply and protects them.

Racco’s Vida Conditioner, for example, ensures healthy and beautiful hair, leaving it soft and adding extra shine.


4. True protection

Even a clean and nourished hair can be damaged by external aggressions such as wind, moisture, sun and pollution. In order to keep your hair safe, use a hair spray with sunscreen. Soleil protects the hair during sun exposure preventing moisture loss and color oxidation, hydrating and leaving it soft and easy to manage

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