Lipstick or gloss, which one is the best for you?


After choosing the best product for your skin type, you should also choose what is best for your lips. Here is where most doubts come to our minds: lipstick or gloss?

Despite their similarities, these products have different looks and characteristics. Check a few tips about how and when you should wear them:



Lipsticks usually last longer on our lips and, depending on the color you can get afuller or thinner look. Among countless options we can select the most common ones: satin, matte or shimmery. However, the lipstick is always drier than the gloss and its application requires a little bit more time.

A good tip for making your lipstick last longeris preparing your lips with a little bit of powder before applying it . Racco’s Lux Lipstick – Etyane, for example, is a creamy lipstick with Sun Protection and Bioceramides. Besides making you even more beautiful, it provides full coverage with a lustrous finish. Goes on moist, so lips feel as luxurious as they look and prevents the appearance of fine lines as well.

The lipstick is highly recommended for a classic and sexy look, but it can also be used as an accessory and make your makeup look more modern.



Its wet look is its distinct feature andyou must be extra careful in order to avoid that unwanted reflexive aspect.

Try Racco’s Luzes Lip Gloss with DMAE – Brown Sugar, a shimmery lip gloss formulated with DMAE to firm and tone the lips, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and preventing the formation of new signs of aging. It also contains Hydralips to hydrate and condition the skin.

Gloss surely is the option that brings a stylish look that is easier to apply. Its  indicated for women who have thin lips since the product is commonly used to discretely give lips a fuller look.

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