Kajal or regular eyeliner? Which one should I use?

Want to have beautiful eyes? Both Kajal and regular eyeliners can do a great job, but do you know what is the difference between them?

Kajal, also known as Kohl, is a very ancient piece of makeup used by North Africans and people from the Middle East. In Egypt, back in 3.100 b.C., it was widely used to protect the eyes against the sun and from diseases – not only women used Kajal back them, but also men and children.

Made from natural ingredients such as beeswax and natural oils, Kajal is also good for your eyes, making it look brighter and more relaxed. The product comes in powder or pencil, like Racco’s Creamy Eye liner, which is easier to use.

You can apply it in the inner rim of the lower eyelid or on the upper eyelid. It is very soft and easy to smudge, but you might want to avoid smudging it when going formal. Make a very thin line on the lower eyelids and you should be good.

For casual looks, go thicker on lower eyelids and you can use it on the upper inner eyelids as well, making your eyes look bigger.

Forgot your eye shadow? For going out at night, spread some kajal on your finger and smudge it on your eyelid. Now you look intense and sexy. Ready to go!

An important point to mention about Kajal is that, even if it is easy to smudgeit can last for more than five hours on your eyelid.

Regular eyeliner

Racco's Eyeliner

And what about regular eyeliners, such as Luzes Black or Brown Eyeliner? Those are synthesized make-up, a little harder and less dense than Kajal. It also does not offer all the benefits from something that is made with natural ingredients. Regular eyeliner also lasts less time on your face and is best suited for very defined looks. Racco’s eyeliners come with a smugding tip that makes it super easy for you to get the smoky eye look.

So what’s your choice on eye makeup? Have you tried Kajal before?

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