How to fix a bad hair day in three minutes

Bad hair day

Somethings in life are facts. One of them is that every women has already been through a day when the only option seems to be hiding herself in a closet. Not only a bad hair can ruin an entire look, it can also mess up a girl’s whole day.

Considering that, we chose three ways that can improve your hair and day in not more than three minutes.



Old but gold. That’s an awesome definition for the most used hairstyle ever. Even though it’s a basic one, the ponytail can also build up a very chic and modern look. Just try to make things a little bit differently.

Besides, you must do it perfectly if you want to rock during the day. A good tip to turn that bad hair into a fashionable hairstyle is to apply a small portion of Racco’s Vida Styling Gel - which will give your hair a more attractive look, making it shiny and smooth.



Sock Bun

Not as simply as you may think, a well done bun can be the best option for those days when the weather (or you own hair) seems to not want to help! From ultra fine to super curly hair, this hairstyle makes people turn their heads at you!

Bobby pins or the easy made “sticks” can help you in this journey. Rolling your hair in the top of your head can result in a more serious and smooth look or, if treated carefree, a messy-chic one – like the one in the picture.

A current favorite for us here at Racco is the sock bun. You can do it using an old sock (by cutting the edge) or by using the sponge buns that you can buy at any beauty supply. They are easy to do and looks super modern and stylish.


Rapunzel is still a success

Hair braiding can allow you to be many different characters: the naive little girl, the business woman or even the seductress.

Don’t worry, it can be done in less than three minutes as well.

- Prepare a regular ponytail and secure it with a clear, plastic elastic (it can and will be removed afterwards);
- Braid it: separate you hair in three equal sections, pull a small section from one side over other one, and vice versa. Repeat that until you reach the bottom and secure with another elastic;
- Cut the elastic from the top and now you’re ready to go!

Remember: mess is still an option, don’t be ashamed to take risks building looks.


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