How to create and keep beautiful lips

Beautiful lips

Every woman wants beautiful and kissable soft lips and we can all have them by just adding a few extra steps to our beauty routine. First, let’s list some of the issues that you might have with your lips:

1. Your lips are dry and cracked;
2. You want fuller lips;
3. You have lines around your lips;
4. Your lips are too pale, and they seem to have lost their color;
5. There’s no defined shape in your lips, they seem uneven;
6. Your lips seem to be shrinking.

These are some of the most common complaints that we get from readers about their lips. Now, let’s take a look at some simple solutions for these annoying lip issues.

Lips take so much abuse every day that they deserve some special treatment to bring back their natural beauty.


Tip #1

Try using your toothbrush with your gentle face exfoliate or some baking soda to gently remove dead skin from your lips.


Tip #2

Using a good lip moisturizer every night, such as Racco’s Dermalips Cream,  will soften, firm and actually help take away the fine lines around the mouth.  This cream has ingredients that restore the level of collagen to the epidermis which will help enhance the volume and hydration of your lips.


Tip #3

And this may be one of the most important tips: Always, always, always have some type of sun protection on and around the lips. Lipgloss is one of the most used items in America’s makeup bags since its shine attracts the sun. And where there is sun, there is sun damage!

Hence, lack of color in the lips and fine lines around the mouth are examples of sun damage.  Now, of course there are other causes of lines around the mouth, but this is one of the biggies nowadays. So look for lip color, or a lip conditioner with SPF .


Tip #4

After following all of the other 3 steps, now you are ready to enhance the definition and paleness of your lips (If this is an issue for you).

To create a very natural lip, but enhance its shape, look for a lip liner that is almost the exact color as your natural lip tone. Just ½ shade darker! You want a liner that will not pull on the skin, but that will glide easily. Gently line the lips and then fill in the lips ½ way, leaving the middle of the lips your natural tone. Next, using a lip brush, so you don’t move the line, gently fill your lips in with a similar color to the liner, or a gloss – starting from the inside out, with a very small amount and add more if needed.


But remember: always use a lipstick, gloss or conditioner with a SPF. There are a few liners that seem to match everybody’s lip tone, like the Luzes Lip Gloss with DMAE – Almond from Racco:

Lip glossThese tips may sound too simple to actually make a difference but believe me, spending an extra 2 minutes a day on your lips will make all the difference in the world. You will start to see more youthful, beautiful lips in a few days!

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