how to choose the right fragrance for you

right fragrance

Fragrance is one of the most important beauty items for any woman. But if you’ve never used a fragrance before or if you’re looking for a new perfume on the market, finding the right product can be difficult since there are have so many options out there.

Do you prefer floral, fruity or woody scents? Does your skin match with the numerous options available in the market? Surely, choosing the best perfume is a personal matter but we’ve selected a few tips to help you choose the right fragrance for you.



No matter the source, select your favorite scents – like freshly washed clothes, baby shampoos, flowers or food . The important thing is to create a list of your preferences, identify your favorite type of fragrance and pick the fragrance with similar notes.


One of the factors to be taken in consideration when choosing a new perfume is your personality. Look for a fragrance that best represents who you really are .

If you like sports and outdoor activities for example you will identify with Nick Rauen, which is a perfume with fresh notes and soft scent rather than woody and  overwhelming.

Now, if you love to dress up and always need to be flawless, choose a sweet and intriguing scent and become unforgettable for people around you with Racco’s Gueff Perfum for Woman.



Trying sample products is absolutely normal and with perfumes it could not be any different. As we all know a perfume can only be  sensed on the skin some time after applying it. You cannot identify the scent of a perfume by just applying it on a piece of paper, so apply the fragrance to the insides of your wrists and a bit behind your ears before investing on it.


What others think of you has never been so important. Get feedback from your family and friends about your possible choices. The final word is yours, but asking what others think about your choices costs nothing.

When picking a Racco fragrance, see one of our Consultants who can help you out with samples and are always ready to answer your questions.


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