How often should we exfoliate our faces?


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Face cells have a 28 day cycle life, in which they are born, protect us from the sun and from pollution and die. When dead cells pile up on our skin, pores get clogged, making your face look harsh and opaque. Well, it’s time to get rid of this dead layer of epidermis, rubbing it away. But how often should we exfoliate our faces?

According to dermatologists, using creams with sand like particles or chemical actives that stimulate exfoliation doesn’t speed up the cell’s life cycle. However, it is a very effective way to keep your skin clean while the process is going on. Thus, in order to get a healthier and cleaner face, you should not exfoliate more than once a week. If you rub cells away every couple of days, it is possible that you’re getting rid of good and full of life cells too. This makes skin feel over exfoliated and it will produce more new cells than you need, which ends up in an irritated and dry epidermis.

To have a shinier skin and get rid of the dead cells the right way, you can use Racco’s Exfoliating Silica Cream, which helps you to cleanse the epidermis, removing impurities, and is appropriate to most skin types.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

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If your skin is very sensitive, however, you should be double cautious when exfoliating. If you use cream beads, rubbing a little too hard can profoundly irritate your epidermis, making it red damaged. Some specialists suggest that, when exfoliating with beads, you have some oily substance on your face, instead of lukewarm water. The oil won’t get in the way of your scrub, but will prevent your skin from getting irritated.

Another safe method for those who have a very sensitive skin is opting for the chemical exfoliation creams instead of the physical. Creams that have synthetic particles, such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), the main active in Racco’s AHA Puissant Glicolic Acid Cream, allow dead cells to stay loose, what makes them get off your skin without you having to scrub it hard.

How often do YOU exfoliate your skin and what’s your favorite method?

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