How does blow drying and flat ironing damage your hair

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We all want to have a gorgeous, shiny and bouncy hair. But in order to have that, we need to go through the heat ritual, which can make our hair brittle and frizzy. But why is heat so bad for your hair? And how can you get nice looking hair without damaging it?

Blow dryer

Be careful when drying your hair

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When you wash your hair, the water stays under the hair’s cuticles. Once the heat from the blow dryer reaches the water, it forms bubbles that break the hair, causing split ends and dullness. The water that is responsible for the hair’s hydration can also be dryed out, so the cortex has no choice but to soak up the air’s moisture, creating frizz.

How to avoid damage: after washing your hair with Racco’s Graus Heat Activated Shampoo and Conditioner, that protects your hair’s color and vitality, towel-dry it (but always remember: pat only, don’t rub!) and get some of Racco’s Heat Straightening Fluid, which contains anti-frizz polymers and proteins that help minimizing the heat effect.

Besides that, try not to blow dry your hair everyday. Give it a little break. When using the hair dryer try to keep it at least 6 inches (15 cm) away from your hair and use cooler air most of the time, if possible.

Flat iron

When you iron wet hair, the water within the cuticles starts to boil, causing steam explosions that end up cracking the cuticles. However, ironing dry hair isn’t that good either. Tiny hair blisters appear and the cuticle gets buckled.

Healthy hair burns at a temperature of 451.4 F (233° C), but if your hair is already weak due to chemicals and frequent ironing, it can get damaged in lower temperatures as well.

Flat iron can ruin your hair

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How to avoid damage: before ironing your hair, make sure you’ve protected it properly using Racco’s Heat Straightening Fluid, a moisturizer and protein rich product which reinforces the hair fibers and increases the hair’s heat capacity, being able to handle high temperatures without breaking apart.

Also, make sure that every strand of hair gets an even heat distribution, avoiding portions that will get overheated while some others will not be affected. Besides that, avoid passing the flat iron over and over, since it damages the hair more and more without showing any better results.

Misleading the heat

In an ideal world, nobody would need hair dryers or flat irons to get beautiful hair. But since reality plays differently, you can minimize the damage and still have gorgeous and straight hair. That’s why Racco created the Graus Heat Activated hair line. Beautiful hair and minimum damage.

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