Food can help dental and oral hygiene


Most foods have their own characteristics when it is time to help maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with oral health it could not be any different. Fiber-rich food, for example, always helps oral hygiene due to the fact that traces of food and teeth bacteria can be removed while chewing hard foods.

The intake of some foods can increase the production of saliva and also change your mouth’s pH, decreasing the acidity and avoiding bacteria cultivation which can lead to oral issues. With this in mind, we have selected a list that will help you finding foods that can put traces of food away from your mouth.


Vitamin C

Fruit and vegetables rich in Vitamin C are highly recommended because they help preventing gingivitis and strengthening the tissues that support the teeth. You can find vitamin C in several types of food such as green leafs and citric fruits (orange and lemon), as well as pineapples;


Green is good

Nutritionists recommend that fruits and vegetables are eaten on a daily basis in order to keep a healthy lifestyle . If you intend to stay on your diet and take care of your teeth at the same time, try fiber-rich foods like pears, apples, watermelon, cucumber and carrots;


Avoid industrialized food

A balanced meal  that is rich in natural nutrient sources is ideal for maintaining oral health. Foods with high rich sugar levels and food  additives are true enemies when it comes to taking good care of your  oral issues and for that reason must be avoided as much as possible.


Even though they might be indicated for a quick cleaning, this special food will never replace the trio dental floss, toothbrush and paste. In order to avoid the emergence of tooth cavities, gingivitis and bad breath you should be able to incorporate real hygiene steps with the intake of these “cleaning” foods.

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