Fight against your addiction to sweets

addiction sweets

Did you know that women  who live stressfull lives are seven times more likely to have addiction to sweets? But you can find balance in life and at the table:

Ever heard of sugar addiction? Research shows that seven out of ten women who are stressed will develop an addiction to sweets. In addition to eating many snacks during the day, a woman addicted to sweet substances has an increasingly need for sugary treats. This is because the excess sugar can cause long term changes in the hormones that regulate appetite, making it necessary to eat  larger amounts to feel satisfied.

In addition, sugar acts in the brain the same way  as some drugsstimulating the production of dopamine, a substance responsible for pleasure . It is this pleasure that we seek when we attackthe fridge looking for dessert.

Like a smoker who is trying to  quit smoking, someone who wants to quit sugar will need a lot of motivation to deal with the lack of it. So what is your motivation? Feel better in those jeans? Be an example for your child to eat better?


Check out the four steps to reduce stress and transform your life:


Try to identify what bothers you on a daily basis which can lead to eating candy. Stop and make an analysis of your life. Does your job bring you satisfaction? Is there some frustration at the home? It’s a good idea to make a list.



After finding out what issues are bothering you more  try and figure out ways to resolve them. Write the possible solutions and put them into practice. Therapy can help rethink more complex problems, such as a marriage crisis , for example.



The next step is re-thinking your diet but do not even try to cut  sugar overnight. Not even replaceit with fruits: it does not work for those who are dependent. The trick is to slowly reduce the amount of sugar intake and a little every day, without giving up! Your body needs persistence to adapt to a new routine with less sugar.



Adopt the habit of exercising every day. Only a 30 minutes walk will work. But try to walk quickly without interruptions. Wear comfortable clothing, a pair of sneakers and get moving quickly without chatting.

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