Do you know Racco’s Regulateur line?



Highly indicated for both men and women of all ages, Racco’s Regulateur line offers products which are compatible with all types of skin and is essential for those who intend to take a real good care of the skin underarms. The creams and deodorants from this specific line have an amazing anti-perspirantaction that reduces the smell that comes from excessive sweat.

Regulateur’s exclusive formulas are responsible for contributing for skin softness and for decreasing the speed in which the hair grows. Check out two products from this line that you must have at your home:


Regulateur Deodorant 

With a unisex fragrance, this cream is dermatologist tested in order to avoid over perspiration during physical activities. The aluminum salts present in its formula allow the product to eliminate the bad smell characteristic from the sweat.


Regulateur Hair Minimizing Antiperspirant Deodorant

Dermatologist tested, this antiperspirant deodorant efficiently and progressively reduces the growth and thickness of underarm hair, making it less noticeable and easier to remove. Improves underarm skin appearance and frequency of shaving or waxing.

These products’ continuous use leads to the decrease of hair growth and reduces the frequency of underarm shaving. By doing so, its application is highly recommended but does not mean a definitive solution.

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