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Acceptance and gratitude


Hello everyone! The topic for this week is Acceptance and we chose it because of most people’s perception during yoga classes is a shift on each and every posture, by accepting the body where it was at that moment, with the limitations they have. As mentioned before, we can take much learning from yoga practice [...]

Breathing is essential

The Importance of Breathing

  Hello everyone! Too many thoughts might be confusing if you intend to choose something specific. What happens is that instead of having all of the ideas working together to help you find a good topic to write about, for example, these thoughts challenge us in a way that is gets difficult to make a [...]

Speaking the truth

Speaking the truth

Hello everyone! This post is going to discuss a little bit more about yoga and wellness, specially about the eight limbs (paths) of yoga. These eight steps basically act as guidelines on how to live an purposeful and extraordinary life. The art of living and the foundations of yoga philosophy were described in the Yoga [...]

Vitamin C is beauty essential

Vitamin C: A Beauty Essential

Before starting a discussion about the importance, benefits and sources of Vitamin C let us explain some relevant facts that you should know about Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). There are two main obstacles for humans to obtain the ideal amount of vitamin C. First, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and our body doesn’t [...]

Fatty acids

Don’t be afraid of Essential Fatty-Acids!

You might have read and seen advertisements about them, but be honest to yourself, what do you really know about essential fatty acids?  Do the words “Omega-3″ and “Omega-6″ sound Greek to you? Many people are misinformed when it comes to fats and their attempt to avoid fat all together, believing that fat causes them [...]

Pre and pos workout food

Pre and Post exercise nutrition matters

One of the most common questions between people who are engaged in any type of physical activity is “What do I eat before and after my workouts?” The pre and post workout period is the time when you really need to be sure you are eating right so that you are able to get better [...]