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Food can help dental and oral hygiene

Most foods have their own characteristics when it is time to help maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with oral health it could not be any different. Fiber-rich food, for example, always helps oral hygiene due to the fact that traces of food and teeth bacteria can be removed while chewing hard foods. The intake of [...]

Tips for sleeping well

3 simple steps towards a good night’s sleep

Sleeping well is a sign of well being and a healthy lifestyle. Besides energy recovery, a good night of sleep can influence many other aspects of our lives, mostly related to our organism’s basic functions. Nowadays our routines are full of stressful and exhausting activities and having enough sleep might seem impossible, but it is [...]

tips for a simpler day

4 tips for a simpler day

Sometimes our days are so filled with tasks and distractions that we wish it had a few extra hours. Even though those days might increase your productivity, be careful: a filled day can lead you to stressful moments and can make you feel down and even sick. Simplifying our day is not a hard thing [...]

healthy lifestyle

3 simple tips for a healthy lifestyle

Making some lifestyle changes is much more effective than jumping from diet to diet looking for the perfect body. Even more important than losing weight is doing it through the healthier and permanent way. With this in mind we have selected 3 simple tips that will help you change your eating habits for better.   [...]

Beautiful lips

How to create and keep beautiful lips

Every woman wants beautiful and kissable soft lips and we can all have them by just adding a few extra steps to our beauty routine. First, let’s list some of the issues that you might have with your lips: 1. Your lips are dry and cracked; 2. You want fuller lips; 3. You have lines [...]

Diets start in the supermarkets

Your weight loss program begins at the supermarket!

I usually say that a journey to a successful weight loss program begins at the grocery store. Yes, you’ve read it right, at the grocery store! The way you grocery shop and the foods you buy directly influence your dietary habits. My experience as a nutritionist says that grocery stores can be a very scary [...]