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skin myths


There is so much information about skin health nowadays that is difficult to know what to believe or not. The confusion is so great that we decided to debunk some myths that have been around.   Myth 1: Use different creams for day and night Despite the night being the period in which the entire [...]

look young


Surgical intervention is not aways the best option to look younger. We also know that not every day we’re willing to wear makeup to hide the signs of aging and fatigue. But to get a more youthful appearance does not require a lot of efforts and can be achieved with the help of some simple [...]

foot care

Taking care of your foot

When winter comes most women end up doing the same thing: letting go off foot care – mostly hidden this time of year –  and do not treat them as they should. The result? Thick skin, dryness, flaking, and odor , and in more severe cases cracks and even bleeding. To catch up with your [...]

nail care

Basic nail care at home

  Having a day of the week to go to the salon getting a manicure  is the dream of many women. However, finding a break in the weekly schedule, amid the rush of everyday life often becomes an impossible task. Is thisyour reality? Do not despair. We’ve selected valuable tips on how to take care [...]

facts sunscreen

Facts about sunscreen

SPF X PPD The effectiveness of a sunscreen is measured by its ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays: A (PPD) and B (SPF). The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) purpose is to filter UVB rays, which penetrate the top layer of skin causing redness and burning and may be responsible for skin cancer. The [...]

skin care for autumn

Taking care of your skin during autumn

Autumn is almost back again and the change in temperature and humidity can affect the human skin more than anything else. Constantly switching between indoor warm air and the harsh and cold winds of outdoor air removes moisture from the skin. Dermatologists say it’s important to change your skin care regimen in between the seasons [...]