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tan winter

How to Have Tan Skin During Winter

During winter light skin tends to be more sensitive and less healthy. To improve its appearance and get a tan and healthy look during winter, makeup and other beauty products can become great allies. Learn how to get tan and beautiful even during the coldest season. Makeup: – Racco Luzes Bronzer or Luzes Coral Rose Blush; [...]

Basic makeup kit

must haves for a basic makeup kit

From those just entering the world of professional makeup to the more experienced,  we all know the importance of a basic makeup kit. Before thinking about what to add to your kit, it is essential that you look for products that meet your needs. To help you in this task, we’ve selected a few tips and [...]

remove makeup

Learn how to correctly remove makeup

The habit of coming home tired and crashing without removing makeup is really bad for your skin.  Removing all makeup is a necessary care to keep your skin youthful. Check out a list we’ve created of the five biggest mistakes women who wear makeup make that can be harmful to the skin’s health. sleeping with [...]


Lipstick or gloss, which one is the best for you?

After choosing the best product for your skin type, you should also choose what is best for your lips. Here is where most doubts come to our minds: lipstick or gloss? Despite their similarities, these products have different looks and characteristics. Check a few tips about how and when you should wear them:   Lipstick [...]

red lipstick makes you look younger

Wearing red lipstick can make you look younger, studies say

The contrast between skin tone and facial features can make you look younger. Now you can both attract attention and feel more confortable with your age. Recent studies show that red-toned lips contrast with natural skin tone and unconsciously, make women appear young looking. The results came through an analysis of women between the ages [...]

Tinted Moisturizer

Why a tinted moisturizer?

Why do we wear foundation? Well, most of us want beautiful and healthy skin. We use foundation to cover imperfections and even out skin tone, but why do we put foundation where it is not needed?  And more importantly why would we want to completely cover our skin, changing our natural skin color, continuously searching [...]