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It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have or where you live, we women do anything to make our hair grow stronger and shinier so why not start with what we eat? We’ve selected four super foods and tips of  treatments that can improve the quality of the strands:   1. EGGS Eggs contain [...]

tips to maintain hair dye

5 tips that will make your hair color last longer

As time goes, it becomes even harder to keep a perfectly dyed hair for too long. This happens a lot and mostly with darker and reddish hues. Prolonging the dying results and improving hair texture and health is not impossible. You can do that and also intensify the color of your hair if you dye [...]

Beautiful long hair

Long hair demands special treatment

Taking care of the hair is an essential part of women’s lives. However, keeping long, beautiful and healthy strands is definitely not easy and demands special care to avoid hair damaging. For those who intend to have long hair, you must remember that nourishment and hydration are indispensable. Check these 4 tips and learn how [...]

hair texture

3 tips to understanding your hair texture

Before even thinking of applying chemicals to your hair, you must understand and study a little bit about hair characteristics. Density, porosity, elasticity and texture are some of the stuff you should be aware of before any type of treatment. In this text, we’re going to talk about hair texture. Texture corresponds to a single [...]

Bad hair day

How to fix a bad hair day in three minutes

Somethings in life are facts. One of them is that every women has already been through a day when the only option seems to be hiding herself in a closet. Not only a bad hair can ruin an entire look, it can also mess up a girl’s whole day. Considering that, we chose three ways [...]


How does blow drying and flat ironing damage your hair

  We all want to have a gorgeous, shiny and bouncy hair. But in order to have that, we need to go through the heat ritual, which can make our hair brittle and frizzy. But why is heat so bad for your hair? And how can you get nice looking hair without damaging it? Blow [...]