Acceptance and gratitude

Hello everyone!

The topic for this week is Acceptance and we chose it because of most people’s perception during yoga classes is a shift on each and every posture, by accepting the body where it was at that moment, with the limitations they have.

As mentioned before, we can take much learning from yoga practice and apply it to our lives. Acceptance is the first step to meet peace and contentment in the present moment, since it comes from the now and from the paradigm that we are already full, whole and complete.

We are healthy and capable of doing everything we want for ourselves and reach our dreams! This principle of acceptance goes way beyond our belly. It starts with internal self-acceptance, then it spreads externally to our homes, families, friends, jobs, community and eventually to everything and every person we interact with.


Acceptance = Gratitude

It’s time to start being grateful for everything you have in your life, especially a supportive family and true friends who love you for who you really are. We know that some things are great in theory but very challenging to put into practice. However, we invite you to embrace acceptance and gratitude in your life, right here, right now.

All you need is a shift of paradigm, the way you see you and your life – the real transformation starts in the mind. “Being” is what we need to “Have”. Remember yourself that you’re already perfect just the way you are. If is necessary for you to look back to the past and remind yourself of all your accomplishments and achievements, do it! Then look back at this moment and smile to yourself just for being healthy and alive

Once you start applying acceptance and gratitude to your life, you will notice a huge difference. You then start to laugh at yourself and smile at the world, noticing the world starts laughing and smiling back at you!

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.“  Buddha




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