5 tips that will make your hair color last longer

tips to maintain hair dye

As time goes, it becomes even harder to keep a perfectly dyed hair for too long. This happens a lot and mostly with darker and reddish hues.

Prolonging the dying results and improving hair texture and health is not impossible. You can do that and also intensify the color of your hair if you dye it correctly and follow these 5 simple tips:

1.  Use your natural color as a parameter

Choosing the correct color for hair dying is essential for a positive and more lasting result. The closer you are from you natural hair tone, the best your results will be – besides helping cover grey hair, the proximity of tones prevents hair stains and hair impairment.


2. Dye and hydrate

Although many hair dying products already come with moisturizing creams that should be used after the application, most of us do not consider that as an important step in the process. However, this is an essential stage for color fixation. Hairstylists,for example, are able to provide specific hydration treatments and you must remember about asking for it – these products create protective layers around the hair strands, sealing the cuticles in order to avoid discoloration.


3. Specific products and everyday care

In order to ensure soft and colorful hair for a longer period of time, invest your money and effort on regular homemade treatments. So, try to establish a caring routine that is able to be completed at least once a week. Racco’s Color Action Conditioner, for example, has an exclusive hydrating formula that controls frizz and prevents color fading, breakage and split ends.


4. Be careful with shampoo overuse

Even though there are many products which were especially developed for chemically treated hair, they can be extremely harmful to your gorgeous strands if overused. When it comes to shampoo, for example, you must be extra careful and avoid applying it directly to your scalp.

The best way to escape from hair damage caused by shampoo is to pour the content in both hands and gently spread it from your forehead towards the back of your neck. Remember that you must use it moderately since big amounts of any chemical product can damage your hair color and structure as well.


5. Use protective hair masks

Hair masks must be applied evenly to damp hair and generally left on for 20 minutes in order to achieve better results. Molesse Intensive Hydration Hair Mask not only creates a protective film that keeps the hair safe from external aggressions but also has an exclusive pro-gravity effect that controls volume, diminishes roughness and leads to more beautiful and shiny hair.


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