skin myths

There is so much information about skin health nowadays that is difficult to know what to believe or not. The confusion is so great that we decided to debunk some myths that have been around.


Myth 1: Use different creams for day and night

Despite the night being the period in which the entire repair process happens, what really matters is the right cream for your skin type. The creams can (and should) be used day and night.

For dry skin, for example, try to apply a cream containing peptides or antioxidants. A great choice for this type of skin is moisturizer ARL Radicaux, which fights free radicals and can be used day and night.


Myth 2: Dry skin causes fine lines

Many people still confuse expression fine lines with wrinkles. The lines are natural to human skin and their treatment is not related to skin dryness but the presence of wrinkles. However, lines tend to be more visible when the skin is dry or dehydrated.

Wrinkles, in turn, can be minimized with frequent hydration processes – the lines are still there, but you will not see them as easily. For an effective treatment against the action of time, try Ciclos Line that contains active ingredients that stimulate and protect nerve cells, leaving the skin looking younger.


Myth 3: Using makeup with sunscreen leaves you protected

Even if products containing sunscreen seem like a good choice, you should not rely solely on them. It is recommended to apply sunscreen to the skin before makeup every day.

The layers of makeup usually applied to the skin are not thick enough to effectively protect from the sun. For adequate protection, try to balance it using a foundation with SPF 15, such as Racco’s Absolute Lifting in Nude or Urban. As for sunscreen try Racco’s Soleil Facial Sunscreen that is formulated with Alistin to protect the skin’s DNA and has no oil in its formula, being appropriate for all types of skin.


Myth 4: Drinking 10 glasses of water per day will leave your skin more beautiful

Yes and no. Water is undoubtedly important for the health of the skin, but there are no studies that relate the amount of water ingested with the health of the epidermis. Dry skin can have other causes and drinking large quantities of water will not necessarily hydrate it more.

Collagen, responsible for the skin’s firmness, needs moistness for its fibers can slip into one another and to stay flexible and healthy. With proper hydration, skin softens and smoothens.

So basically, you need to keep yourself well hydrated to have healthy skin, but no one knows exactly how much water is effective for benefiting the skin.


Myth 5: Fatty foods cause acne and pimples

There is no scientific basis for this claim. The studies conducted so far have not reached certainties about the relationship between food types and blemishes.

The real responsible for acne is sebum, a secretion produced by the skin. When it accumulates in the surface of the skin it clogs the pores and a pimple is formed.  Consequently, it is vital to remove sebum and prevent the pores from clogging.

The importance of maintaining a healthy diet is inarguably essential for not only for the skin but for the entire functioning of the body.


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