4 tips for a simpler day

tips for a simpler day

Sometimes our days are so filled with tasks and distractions that we wish it had a few extra hours. Even though those days might increase your productivity, be careful: a filled day can lead you to stressful moments and can make you feel down and even sick.

Simplifying our day is not a hard thing to do and it can make a real difference in our lives. Try to follow these 4 tips and notice the results .


1. Identify your priorities

Identifying what is really important for you and eliminating the r

est is an essential step in order to simplify our daily routines. Take some time to identify the most important things in your life (4-5 things) and check what types of activity, task, project, meeting or commitment fit in with that list. Also take some time from your mornings to identify 1 to 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs) to be accomplished in that day.


2. Say ‘no’ to things

Now that you already know what really matters in your life, you must start eliminating the things that aren’t on your priorities list. Say ‘no’ mostly to social commitments, such as getting involved in projects, training or being part of a team or being a partner in a business. But do not worry, after getting your important tasks done you will have plenty of time for other things.


3. Slow down

Instead of rushing from task to task, try to slow your day down and enjoy the moments. Besides making you more relaxed, your tasks will become much more productive.


4. Stop multi-tasking

One task at a time and full focus on that task. By doing such thing you will be ready to improve your productivity and avoid concentration mistakes. Try to practice mindfulness as you do a task, avoid multi-tasking and notice how you can make your day simpler.

Source: Zen habits

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