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Surgical intervention is not aways the best option to look younger. We also know that not every day we’re willing to wear makeup to hide the signs of aging and fatigue. But to get a more youthful appearance does not require a lot of efforts and can be achieved with the help of some simple steps.

We’ve selected 4 natural ways that will help you look younger:


1. sleeping beauty

School, work, kids, home and stress: it all influences the length and quality of our sleep. A sleepless night is expressed through dark circles and a tired face. But with a little effort you can get enough rest to keep the body functions properly adjusted and the results are immediate and easily visible .

After a good night’s sleep – 7 to 9 hours – your skin will be radiant and bright , retaining more moisture and looking younger and hydrated.


2 . diet rich in vitamins

Another important factor for maintaining a more youthful appearance is a balanced diet, responsible also to ward off diseases. Try changing your eating habits and add to your diet foods rich in vitamin D and probiotics, which regulate both immune and digestive systems, allowing the body to properly function.

Ingest vitamins, fiber and other nutrients consuming dietary supplements, like Racco’s Maxxi 30 - a powerful antioxidant that acts on collagen synthesis, and helps the skin get firmer and look younger.


3 . use sunscreen

The sun can help you feel younger , because it assists in the production of vitamin D. However, it can also be a skin enemy causing you age more quickly. Avoid going out in the sun without a sunscreen of at least SPF30. A good option is Racco’s exclusive facial Sunscreen Soleil. It will help reduce the early damage caused by too much sun, such as fine lines and wrinkles.


4 . reduce stress

Age brings more responsibilities and therefore more concerns – causing stress . This villain influences in our interpersonal relationships and also in the functioning of our body .

Staying aware to the world around you involves some level of stress, but stressing out too much  brings negative consequences. To avoid stressful situations, maintain a healthy diet, practice exercises and do not worry so much about insignificant things. Don’t know how to relax? Try a relaxing massage with Racco’s Defatigant Relaxing Cream, that provides a relaxing sensation for your muscles while relieving pain and soreness.

With these tips, hiding wrinkles and signs of fatigue can be easier. However, to help keep the look flawless invest in good makeup products – your beauty will be enhanced and your self-esteem boosted.

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