3 simple tips for a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Making some lifestyle changes is much more effective than jumping from diet to diet looking for the perfect body. Even more important than losing weight is doing it through the healthier and permanent way.

With this in mind we have selected 3 simple tips that will help you change your eating habits for better.


1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Even though it seems obvious, many people still ignore the importance of eating vegetables and fruits. Maybe you are not a big veggies fan, but don’t worry! It’s not an impossible change and adding them to your diet can be done gradually.

You might want to start by making subtle changes, like turning your fatty snacks into healthier ones: always have a fruit or small salad handy to eat in the middle of the evening and instead of grabbing the last piece of cake from the fridge before going to bed, have a fruit. Fruits and veggies not only provide nutrients, but they also fill you up without too much calories and fat.


2. Lean meats are a great option

You can have enough protein intake without eating meat on a daily basis, let alone fat pieces of it. It might seem a big deal, but switching fat meats for leaner ones can be done with ease.

Lean meats such as fish and chicken are both healthy and delicious option and their big advantage is the low fat percentage. To avoid extreme changes, try to include 3 lean meat meals during the week, replacing, for example, the regular burger with fries by a grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. It surely tastes differently but it is way healthier.


3. Say ‘no’ to soda and sugar coffee drinks

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you must avoid industrialized food and mainly soda, which are full of sugar and offers no nutrients. Instead of these types of drinks, make water, tea and juice your default drinks – besides being better for your body, they come in lots of different and delicious options.

You can also go for food supplements that offer you several nutrients replacement, like Racco’s Fibralife Fresh line. Besides being a healthier alternative for the industrialized beverages, the Passion fruit, Peach¬†and Green tea¬†flavored drink mixes contain high levels of soluble fibers and naturally inhibits appetite, contributing for weight control/ loss.

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