3 simple steps towards a good night’s sleep

Tips for sleeping well

Sleeping well is a sign of well being and a healthy lifestyle. Besides energy recovery, a good night of sleep can influence many other aspects of our lives, mostly related to our organism’s basic functions.

Nowadays our routines are full of stressful and exhausting activities and having enough sleep might seem impossible, but it is not. Small changes can help you improve your relaxation time, sleep better and enjoy your days a little bit more. Check these 3 simple steps for a good night of sleep.


1. Relax before going to bed

Instead of watching TV or surfing on the Internet before going to bed, try reading a book, meditating or even organizing your next day tasks. Allow yourself to get some rest before falling asleep and start the night as best as possible.


2. Turn off the lights and stay away from electronics

The production of the hormone responsible for sleep control, melatonin, is increased in dark environments. This hormone also decelerates the aging process and diminishes the incidence of cancer.

Besides, the light that is emitted from some electronics is capable of producing electric magnetic fields that can cause serious damage to one’s health. So, turn off cell phones, laptops and TVs and keep them away from you if you want to get some really good rest.


3. Natural sedatives

If there is a particular reason you cannot sleep, you do not have to call for intensive chemical treatments or medicine. It might be time for you to look for better and more natural alternatives.

Among several benefits of using natural sedatives, there are two that are very important: the lack of collateral effects  and the inexistence of any type of dependency caused by their use. Teas and juices are the most common types of natural calming products, but an appointment with a homeopath or nutritionist can reveal many other different options that will be able to improve the quality of your sleep.

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