3 signs that you’re overtraining

Overtraining is dangerousHave you ever heard that expression “too much of anything is good for nothing”? Well, this quote can also be applied to physical activities.

Healthy habits can harm your body in many ways and that’s why we’ve decided to explain three signs that can show if you’re overtraining.

1. Your joints, muscles and bones hurt

Don’t you think that this insistent pain on your knee has something to do with overusing it? If the answer is yes, then you’re absolutely right. During exercises, the pain is common because they’re resulting from muscle growth. However, they must last for two days at the most. If it’s not the case, this physical reaction can be involved in overuse or overtraining.

The dangerous part is in the fact that you might create a hurt resistance bigger than usual – and that’s not good at all. The human body often mistakes a stronger person, since you can’t get the signs of fatigue. This can lead to a body easily taken by traumas and diseases.


2. Exercising doesn’t make you feel energized any more

Regular physical activities are indispensable for a healthy life. It’s perfectly normal to feel tired after exercising, but as soon as you leave the gym feeling exhausted and fatigued, something is not going according to the plans – you are exaggerating.  Don’t fool yourself, the right feeling to get after a workout is an elevated mood.

If you’re getting too tired even if you don’t exercise, it might be the time to look for some complements for your diet. Racco’s Functional Line was developed exactly to help you balance the daily intake of vitamins, protein and fibers – all of this with low fat standards.


3. You get sick easily (or is too hard to recover from a cold)

Exercising means keeping your body constantly working to repair your muscles. In other words, if you don’t give your body the right time for it to recover from a workout, your immune system will fail repeatedly. By doing that, you can get sick more often and it’s going to be a hard time to get over even the weakest flu.


Now if you’re looking for weight loss, you must try to combine your diet and physical activities with specific nutritional products, such as Racco’s Weight Loss Nutritional Shake, created to avoid fat build up and help you lose some extra pounds.

Also remember that the human body is a machine and must be sustained very carefully. With this in mind, take good care of yourself by not exaggerating in exercises and keeping healthy food intake.


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